World Record Muskie

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Ontario's 2013 Ultimate Fishing Town

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"As some of you probably already know, the Thousand Islands region of South-eastern Ontario is home to some of the best freshwater fishing on the planet."
Jamie Lemery - President: Canadian Bass Anglers Foundation, Avid Anglers

Fishing with DadEveryone has their own version of their favourite fishing memory.
For many of us, our earliest memories of fishing are similar... it's one of sitting on a wooden dock, our bare feet dangling in the water as we cast a line, staring out at the glass like water.
Our Dad, or maybe Grandpa sits beside us, enlightening us with profound statements that sound like they're about fishing but are really about life.

For almost all lovers of sport fishing, it began that way....

Welcome to the website of the 2013 Ontario's Ultimate Fishing Town, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.

Gananoque, ONThe small, picturesque Town of Gananoque is found on the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands region of Eastern Ontario.

Anyone who has ever fished in our area knows, that there are several, very strong arguments as to why Gananoque was voted the 2013 Ontario's Ultimate Fishing Town.

Gananoque is located right smack dab in the middle of what could very well be, the very best fresh water fishing area in the entire Country.

The vast selection of fishing hot spots; streams, rivers and lakes, found directly in the Gananoque vicinity are second to none when combining accessibility, variety and quality of species, nearby amenities, and scenery.

Land of the GiantsAsk any fisherman, and you are likely to hear that to be considered Ontario's Ultimate Fishing Town, there should be a variety of sport fish available in the immediate vicinity of the Town...Gananoque checks out there as well with a virtual smorgasbord of sport fish available to anglers.

The streams, rivers, and lakes in the Gananoque area, are home to more then 20 species of popular sport fish and over 60 varieties of bait and rough fishes; from great fighters like small and Largemouth Bass ranging anywhere from 2.7kg (6 lbs) to 3.6kg (8 lbs) respectively, to 6.8kg (15lbs) Northern Pike and Walleye to the Grand Daddy of them all, 18.14kg (40lbs) to 27.2kg (60lbs) Muskellunge, King of the fresh water fish.

Gananoque is known throughout the fishing world as The Land of the Giants.
The world record breaking Muskie was caught right off Gananoque's shoreline, and it is common for these monsters to reach 114cm (45 inches), 127cm (50 inches), even 152cm (60 inches) in length!

When it comes to fishing in Gananoque, the question isn't so much "will I catch something"... but rather "what will I catch'.

Some of our fishing guides actually guarantee you'll catch fish...

Come and visit the 2013 Ontario's Ultimate Fishing Town.
Cast for a memory,
Catch a Dream!